“Neil from NeoDynamic is a professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable consultant - specialising in problem solving, marketing, business development opportunities and fresh-perspective thinking for all sectors. He also has exceptional experience in working with the third sector so understands thepressures and priorities placed on CICs, Social Enterprises and Charities.

Having seen what Neil is capable of delivering, I have been lucky enough to engage him as an Associate with our organisation - outsourcing certain elements of our contracts to him as he has the capability to take on tasks and deliver to a high standard. He has also worked with a number of my existing clients and I have referred several new start ups to him for advice and support based on my belief that he has the skills and character to support them in their new venture. He is encouraging, diplomatic and analytical - he approaches tasks with a fresh perspective also taking into account potential risks and incorporating contingencies to minimise these and maximise outputs. Neil is very focused on outputs and, as a marketer, puts plans in place to ensure any work undertaken is accompanied by an ROI measurement.

I have no hesitation in recommending Neil to any business who is looking to make performance improvements - he is a likeable character who fits in well at all levels of the organisation and can support your team in implementing positive change.”


Jayne Smith

Director & Consultant