NeoDynamic believes in creative and progressive thinking and solutions for organisations. Focused on business development support, with a significant background in marketing and general management, NeoDynamic strives to make real change in organisations and help them achieve real growth. We employ a range of diagnostic tools to analyse your business so that we can truly understand it, and then we take a progressive approach to helping you make your next step into the future. 


We have a real belief that we can be a benefit to any organisation out there.


We want to achieve and succeed with you!



Neil Dyer is the founder, director and lead consultant at NeoDynamic. He shares the vision and belief that progressive and creative thinking can have real impact on organisations, mainly because he’s created these 'real' results and has experienced continued success due to this mindset. Neil is the dynamic force behind NeoDynamic and drives its unique approach to helping businesses grow. He believes exciting change, new experiences and developing what you already have should drive individuals and organisations alike. That’s why he does what he does.

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